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Chapter 13 bankruptcy may be better solution than payday loan

When driving through or walking around your local community, you may notice several payday lending storefronts. These stores have become a seemingly integral part of society. Yet, their negative impact may go unnoticed. Although they may appear to be a quick, convenient solution to financial troubles, other tools like filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy are far more effective and positive.

Mississippi metro area ranks low in credit score

Understanding credit scores can be tricky for Mississippi residents, and many people do not take the time to analyze their credit reports. For some people, they may simply not feel that it is important to check the accuracy of their credit reports or scores. For others, however, they may suspect that the report contains unfavorable information or a low credit score and choose to avoid the negative reality. Knowing what is on a credit report can be important, however, especially for people considering filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

Lawmaker files for Chapter 13 bankruptcy a second time

Mississippi residents should know that Chapter 13 bankruptcy is a tool that everyone may be able to use to get out of debt, especially those who have a steady income and are willing to work out a repayment plan. Recently, a well-known former lawmaker filed for this type of bankruptcy in an effort to avoid tax debt.

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