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Does medical debt have you feeling overwhelmed?

As you began to feel unwell, you may have had a sense of dread and anxiety about going to the doctor. You may have felt concerned that the news they would tell you would be serious, and you may have put off going to get an exam. However, in the end, you likely knew that rather than letting your symptoms worsen, getting them addressed would have a better impact on your overall health.

Mississippi residents have the lowest credit card balance

Credit Karma has released new statistics about American consumers' credit card balances. While managing credit card debt can be difficult, the recent study revealed hopeful information about Mississippi residents. They have some of the lowest credit card balances in the country.

Casey Anthony files bankruptcy to deal with overwhelming debt

Life is full of unexpected circumstances, including surprise babies, job loss, medical emergencies, and legal battles, among many more. Unfortunately, people are sometimes not prepared financially to weather these unplanned events, which can cause significant debt and worry about money problems. When Mississippi residents find themselves in this kind of situation, Chapter 7 bankruptcy could be a valuable solution.

How many are starting off the New Year with credit card debt?

Mississippi residents may be interested to learn about some strategies they could employ in the New Year to get themselves out of debt. Credit card debt is a pervasive national problem, and it is no surprise that one of the most common resolutions is to pay off those annoying debts.

Garnishment may result for those defaulting on student loans

Reports about the delinquency and default rates of student loans reveal that student loan borrowers are facing serious financial distress. As financial problems become graver, borrowers get closer to the possibilities of garnishment and losing significant benefits. In light of these staggering statistics and realities, it is important for student loan borrowers in Mississippi to seek sound financial and legal advice.

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