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How To Repair Your Credit Score

Having a good credit score brings with it many benefits. It's easier to qualify for loans with lower interest rates, including auto and mortgage loans. It can affect the type of job you are able to get and the type of neighborhood you'll be able to live in. Creditors and employers make the assumption that having good credit means you are honest and responsible.

"Just the word bankruptcy embarrasses me"

There are reasons bankruptcy triggers feelings of shame and embarrassment. First of all, creditors want it to trigger those feelings. The more people feel ashamed and disgraced about being unable to pay their bills, the fewer will turn to bankruptcy to solve their problems.

Credit card debt piling up again for many Americans

After the holidays, it's not unusual to have some extra credit card debt. However, for some residents of Southaven credit card debt is becoming more than just a seasonal obligation. According to some new reports, Americans' credit card debt appears to be on the rise again after years of recession-era frugality.

Fed raises interest rate, affecting credit card debt

This time of year, the income and expenses of many in Mississippi just aren't matching up. Too much debt may cause some to wonder how they can placate creditors, stop garnishment and escape threatening letters and phone calls. Still, countless consumers postpone thinking about their financial challenges until after the holidays. However, a recent event may spur some to hasten any financial improvement plans they had in store for the New Year. For the first time in over ten years, a rate increase has occurred with the Federal Reserve. The short-term interest rate was last raised in 2006.

Is there a limit on interest credit cards can charge?

From time to time, many Americans have had to rely on credit cards to get by. While credit cards provide easy access to much needed money, they can also create long term challenges to many Mississippi residents. Credit card payments often balloon out of control. The minimum payments are not nearly enough to pay down the debt and people can get stuck in a cycle of borrowing.

Don't suffer from "information overload" on credit card debt

As many Southaven residents might already know, it's easy to get in over one's head with regard to credit card debt. When income and expenses just don't match up, looking for trustworthy information can be just as difficult as obtaining debt relief itself. The internet, friends, family, co-workers and even social media can be rife with information, but obtaining valid answers from a Southaven bankruptcy attorney may be the safest route.

Can debt settlement companies really erase credit card debt?

With so many Americans struggling with bills associated with credit cards, it's no surprise that there are countless offers to erase one's consumer debt. Some Southaven residents may have even received offers from debt settlement companies; these offers often promise to erase one's credit card debt or otherwise negotiate with creditors on your behalf. It's helpful to know more about these offers in order to steer clear of damaging scams.

The perils of starting a relationship shackled to debt

With summer well underway, many Southaven residents have probably attended, or will attend, their fair share of weddings this season. Weddings and marriages are happy occasions, of course, but they can also be occasions ripe for serious discussions about the future. Since one of the topics couples tend to frequently fight over is money, it can be helpful to discuss finances with one's partner before tying the knot.

The link between credit cards and depression

Those who are struggling with debt in Southaven know that there can be many negative effects of that struggle: stress, worry, anxiety and potentially even depression. According to a recently reported study, even small amounts of debt can cause depression. Due to the severe effects of unmanageable debt, local residents may wish to learn more about filing for bankruptcy and how it can eliminate or consolidate debt.

Credit cards feature various types of annual percentage rates

Credit card interest rates are commonly encountered by residents of Southaven, but not everyone understands the different types of rates and their financial implications. As some local residents may know, credit card debt has a way of quickly getting out of hand; at that point, it may be necessary to take decisive steps, such as filing for bankruptcy, in order to take care of the debt. Still, it’s helpful to understand credit card interest in order to avoid or resolve issues with credit card debt.

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