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Could I be a victim of a stop foreclosure scam?

With tax season underway, many in Southaven probably have finances on the mind. Some receiving tax refunds will likely use that money to pay down existing debts. For others, even a sizable refund check will do little to dent their personal debt. Struggling to pay one's bills is not unusual at any time of year, but unfortunately scammers exist who won't hesitate to take advantage of an overwhelmed and confused individual.

Can a Chapter 13 repayment plan be altered?

One of the many benefits for filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy in Mississippi is the fact that the debtor may get the chance to avoid foreclosure and keep much of his her personal property. Chapter 13 entails a repayment plan, as opposed to the liquidation found in Chapter 7. Regardless of the type of personal bankruptcy one chooses, it can be helpful to learn about each one from an attorney.

The importance of a Chapter 13 bankruptcy stay

For an indebted resident of Mississippi or Tennessee, there are many advantages that come with filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Sometimes known as a wage earner's plan, Chapter 13 essentially reorganizes a filer's debts into manageable payments that are made over a period of several years. In addition to discharging eligible debts after the repayment period is complete, Chapter 13 can also stop creditor harassment and stop foreclosure, among other benefits.

Why should homeowners consider Chapter 13?

As a homeowner, it can be particularly intimidating to face financial difficulties. A home is many Southaven residents' biggest investment, and the thought of losing one's home can be overwhelming. Those in need of debt relief may consider Chapter 13 bankruptcy as a potential way to hold onto their home while also building a new financial future.

Obtain a fresh financial start with Chapter 13

Getting out of debt is rarely easy. Obtaining a fresh financial start can be even more difficult, as debt relief is often just one element in the larger picture of financial management. For Mississippi residents trying to cope with debt on their own, escaping from their financial circumstances may seem impossible. However, those who consider filing for Chapter 13 often find that a fresh start is indeed possible.

What must filers do to complete the Chapter 13 process?

Obtaining a fresh financial start in Mississippi is possible, but it often seems like an extremely complicated task. Those who are considering Chapter 13 bankruptcy as a way to gain new financial footing may be interested in knowing the steps to the process. While each individual's case is unique, there are several general steps that most filers must take in order to declare this type of personal bankruptcy.

Information submitted to the court in a Chapter 13 case

Chapter 13 bankruptcy features several advantages for Mississippians pressured by debt. This type of bankruptcy offers debt relief via a three-to-five-year plan of manageable payments. Chapter 13 can also stop creditor harassment and foreclosure in addition to helping an individual get back on their feet financially. Finally, most individuals in Southaven are likely to be eligible for Chapter 13, as the main requirements are one's unsecured debts are less than $383,175. An additional requirement is that secured debts must be less than $1,149,525.

What happens at the end of a Chapter 13 repayment plan?

Those who find themselves in need of debt relief may consider filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Unlike Chapter 7, which provides a discharge of eligible debts via liquidation, Chapter 13 entails a repayment plan for eligible debts. Southaven residents may have questions about the benefits of Chapter 13, as well as about the actual bankruptcy process itself. One common question regarding Chapter 13 is: what happens at the end of the repayment plan?

An experienced advocate ready to help with Chapter 13

The number 13 is often considered unlucky; for those struggling with debt in Southaven, though, 13 may prove to be a positive number. Residents seeking a solution to their financial challenges may find it in Chapter 13 bankruptcy, which helps individuals put a lid on mounting debt and effectively tackle existing debt.

How does a Chapter 13 bankruptcy satisfy Mississippi creditors?

Choosing between the two primary types of individual bankruptcy is not so simple of a task for Mississippians. With the advice of a qualified Mississippi bankruptcy attorney, a person in need of debt relief can select a type of bankruptcy that is most appropriate for their needs. For many residents of Southaven, this may be Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

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