Study highlights medical expenses of cancer survivors

The New Year is here, and many in the Southaven area may be resolving to get healthier in 2016. From working out more often to eating healthier meals, it's not uncommon for New Year's resolutions to center on health and wellness. Still, there are some health conditions that people have little control over; some unfortunate individuals may be stricken by diseases like cancer no matter how healthy their lifestyle.

This time of year, many people are probably also resolving to obtain debt relief or at least pay down some looming debts if possible. Some health conditions may be linked to overwhelming debt, however. Per a recent study, a third of cancer survivors of a working age get into debt as a result of their condition, while 3 percent end up declaring personal bankruptcy. Of the third who delved into debt due to cancer, over half grappled with debts of over $10,000.

While most types of medical care only seem to be getting more expensive, cancer costs have shot up dramatically. The study revealed that medical expenses for treating cancer have risen over twice as fast as other medical expenses in the past few years. For instance, the average cost -- per month -- of some new cancer therapy agents can range from $10,000 to $60,000.

It's no surprise that seemingly never-ending medical bills and unexpected life changes can push a person further and further into debt. Moreover, for those who have suffered debilitating medical conditions, finding work or returning to one's job may be yet another challenge. However, there are solutions for mounting medical debt. Considering personal bankruptcy may be appropriate for some suffering from long-term illness; a Mississippi bankruptcy attorney can serve as a resourceful guide.

Source: Fox News, "For working-age cancer survivors, debt and bankruptcy are common," Jan. 6, 2016

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