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Credit card debt piling up again for many Americans

After the holidays, it's not unusual to have some extra credit card debt. However, for some residents of Southaven credit card debt is becoming more than just a seasonal obligation. According to some new reports, Americans' credit card debt appears to be on the rise again after years of recession-era frugality.

Can a Chapter 13 repayment plan be altered?

One of the many benefits for filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy in Mississippi is the fact that the debtor may get the chance to avoid foreclosure and keep much of his her personal property. Chapter 13 entails a repayment plan, as opposed to the liquidation found in Chapter 7. Regardless of the type of personal bankruptcy one chooses, it can be helpful to learn about each one from an attorney.

Study highlights medical expenses of cancer survivors

The New Year is here, and many in the Southaven area may be resolving to get healthier in 2016. From working out more often to eating healthier meals, it's not uncommon for New Year's resolutions to center on health and wellness. Still, there are some health conditions that people have little control over; some unfortunate individuals may be stricken by diseases like cancer no matter how healthy their lifestyle.

Know your options when it comes to asset forfeiture

Falling behind on one's bills is certainly not an unusual situation, but getting deep into debt make a person feel as if they are completely alone. When a person living in Northern Mississippi has missed enough payments on certain accounts, they may face some very intimidating consequences, including collections and asset forfeiture. The thought of getting one's wages garnished is understandably jarring, but there is help available.

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