Types of debts that can lead to wage garnishment

One of the most difficult things to go through for any person who is behind on their bills is to face the threat of garnishment. Wage garnishment is when a creditor obtains a court order to obtain repayment of a debt via money taken out of a debtor's paycheck. Usually, if a Mississippi resident is a little bit late on one bill, or simply has a lot of personal debt but is making regular payments, asset forfeiture is not a threat. However, if a person is seriously behind on debts and has missed a certain number of payments, the situation could eventually escalate to involve garnishment.

Since having one's wages garnished is such a difficult situation, it's important to know there is legal help available. A Southaven bankruptcy attorney can assist a debtor in finding realistic solutions to unmanageable personal debt.

A debtor can learn about what types of debts may lead to garnishment. These often include back taxes, unpaid and overdue child support, personal loans and student loans. In addition, judgments from court cases that are left unpaid may also culminate in wage garnishment for the person against whom the judgment is directed.

If a person has the above types of debt, and is behind on their payments for these debts, wage garnishment may be a real possibility. Since garnishment cannot occur without a court order, though, a debtor typically has some time before he or she starts seeing money withheld from their paychecks. During this time it may be advantageous to obtain legal advice from a Southaven bankruptcy attorney. Even simply attending a consultation can offer reassurance to someone who is either already in the garnishment process or who is facing the possibility of garnishment.

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