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How can a Chapter 7 case can be dismissed?

Filing for bankruptcy is a big step for most people, one that comes with rights as well as responsibilities. Typically, a personal bankruptcy case, Chapter 7 or Chapter 13, will proceed without a hitch and the filer will obtain a fresh financial start at the end of the process. However, it is possible in some instances for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy case to be dismissed by the court. Since most filers will likely want to avoid this type of scenario, it can be beneficial to learn the basics of how a case could be potentially dismissed.

Types of debts that can lead to wage garnishment

One of the most difficult things to go through for any person who is behind on their bills is to face the threat of garnishment. Wage garnishment is when a creditor obtains a court order to obtain repayment of a debt via money taken out of a debtor's paycheck. Usually, if a Mississippi resident is a little bit late on one bill, or simply has a lot of personal debt but is making regular payments, asset forfeiture is not a threat. However, if a person is seriously behind on debts and has missed a certain number of payments, the situation could eventually escalate to involve garnishment.

Key roles played by a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy trustee

The decision of filing for bankruptcy is never an easy one, as there are many factors to consider when choosing between the different types of personal bankruptcy. Many residents of Mississippi choose Chapter 7 bankruptcy, often known as liquidation bankruptcy. This type of bankruptcy is particularly helpful to those struggling with massive debt because it discharges many of a debtor's financial obligations. This can put a filer in the position to move forward without overwhelming debt hanging over his or her life.

Financial challenges, student loans and "robocalls"

Mississippians use their cellphones and smartphones for just about everything these days, including negotiating with creditors and discussing debt with lenders. However, for anyone who has ever struggled with unpaid bills and owed money as a result, the telephone's ringing can be cause for alarm. Filing for personal bankruptcy can put a stop to creditors' attempts to contact a person and allows a bankruptcy attorney to handle communication with creditors.

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