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Obtain a fresh financial start with Chapter 13

Getting out of debt is rarely easy. Obtaining a fresh financial start can be even more difficult, as debt relief is often just one element in the larger picture of financial management. For Mississippi residents trying to cope with debt on their own, escaping from their financial circumstances may seem impossible. However, those who consider filing for Chapter 13 often find that a fresh start is indeed possible.

Mississippi ranked worst in nation for student debt

Many Southaven residents want their children to grow up, obtain a college education and earn a good income while working a fulfilling career. In today's economy, though, a college education can leave one with significant debt. When this debt is combined with other debt, such as credit card debt or medical expenses, a young adult may become completely overwhelmed. In cases where qualifying debts far outpace one's income, personal bankruptcy may be a solution.

Can debt settlement companies really erase credit card debt?

With so many Americans struggling with bills associated with credit cards, it's no surprise that there are countless offers to erase one's consumer debt. Some Southaven residents may have even received offers from debt settlement companies; these offers often promise to erase one's credit card debt or otherwise negotiate with creditors on your behalf. It's helpful to know more about these offers in order to steer clear of damaging scams.

Surprising facts about Chapter 7 bankruptcy

Filing for bankruptcy can offer individuals and businesses a much-needed fresh financial start during difficult times. However, before a case is filed, filers generally have plenty of questions. As a result, northern Mississippi residents who file for bankruptcy often find a consultation with a bankruptcy attorney to be just the beginning of a financial and legal learning process.

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