Under threat of forfeiture? Don't delay in seeking help

One of the most understandable responses to overwhelming stress is to avoid dealing with the issue. Particularly when it comes to personal finances, many Mississippi residents are likely to put off thinking about the problem until it becomes so severe that they have no choice. For those who feel they are sinking under the weight of their financial problems, there is help available.

One of the most stressful financial situations a Southaven resident might encounter is asset forfeiture. Even the threat of having one's personal property seized due to non-payment can be enormously draining. Those who delay in seeking help, though, may be unintentionally making the problem much worse. Those who have received notice of potential repossession, foreclosure or wage garnishment can often breathe a sigh of relief after obtaining professional legal help.

Fortunately, many types of asset forfeiture can be stopped via personal bankruptcy. Individual bankruptcy can also be the first step on the path towards a more solid financial future. However, there is only a certain amount of time to act in order to prevent asset forfeiture from actually taking place. At the law firm of Heidi S. Milam, the experienced Mississippi bankruptcy attorney can help a client keep his or her personal property.

What can a bankruptcy attorney do for someone facing forfeiture? First, a bankruptcy filing can put a swift end to many forfeiture actions, from garnishment to repossession. In addition, it takes the stress off the filer of having to deal with creditors themselves. Creditors can no longer harass or request payment directly from the debtor after bankruptcy has been filed. Strategic legal advice may enable a filer to keep his or her home, and if a vehicle has been repossessed within the past ten days, it's possible to get it back.

Heidi S. Milam assists clients in northern Mississippi and has been practicing law for more than 15 years. She will work with each client individually to tailor a plan suited to their unique circumstances and objectives. Milam is a member of the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys and has represented both creditors and filers in bankruptcy cases. A free consultation is available to prospective clients.

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