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How does a Chapter 13 bankruptcy satisfy Mississippi creditors?

Choosing between the two primary types of individual bankruptcy is not so simple of a task for Mississippians. With the advice of a qualified Mississippi bankruptcy attorney, a person in need of debt relief can select a type of bankruptcy that is most appropriate for their needs. For many residents of Southaven, this may be Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

Protecting one's rights in an asset forfeiture situation

One of the most intimidating aspects of overwhelming debt is the threat of asset forfeiture. When Mississippi residents receive notice that they may see their wages garnished or their vehicles repossessed, what are the proper steps to take to remedy the situation? A Southaven bankruptcy attorney can guide an individual through the process of protecting one's personal property.

Purchasing a home after filing for bankruptcy

Both Chapter 7 and Chapter 13, two forms of individual bankruptcy, often make a person's life more financially sound after the filing. However, while personal bankruptcy can go a long way towards forming a better financial future, many filers have questions regarding what life will be like afterwards. For instance, many filers might wonder if they may be able to buy a home again after bankruptcy and, if so, how long that process might take.

January is an appropriate month for confronting credit card debt

Now that the holidays have come and gone, many Mississippi residents are pondering how to get rid of two things: extra pounds and extra credit card debt. After the holiday season, credit card debt may be particularly challenging. Tax season is around the corner and many families may already be struggling to pay the government while also paying back their consumer debt. In addition, credit card debt tends to have notoriously high interest rates and thus the New Year becomes a fitting time for a reassessment of one's financial situation.

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