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U.S. Supreme Court rules on inherited IRAs and bankruptcy

With the U.S. fast becoming home to an aging population, many Mississippians are likely wondering how to deal with financial situations involving debt, bankruptcy and inheritance. Recently, the U.S. Supreme Court issued a unanimous verdict on the subject of Individual Retirement Accounts and personal bankruptcy.

Americans' credit card debt appears to be shooting back up

The Great Recession taught Mississippians many things: secure employment is something to be sought-after and appreciated, cars and homes should be affordable in light of one's income and expenses and credit card debt is something to be maintained very carefully. Still, despite the newfound credit lessons related to the recession, some data show that Americans may be getting into credit card debt yet again.

Declaring bankruptcy as a financial professional

When the average Mississippian declares bankruptcy, most people nowadays are likely to find the financial challenges understandable. After all, state residents are still coping with a challenging economy that has included unemployment, foreclosures, student loans and rising prices of food and gas. Still, there are some people in certain professions whose personal bankruptcy can alter their professional reputation.

Mississippi political race involves Chapter 7 accusations

Politics in Mississippi are rarely boring. From the state level to local races, there are frequently colorful debates and interesting personalities to watch. Nowadays, it's not unexpected for some races to become so heated that accusations fly back and forth, many of them covered extensively by the media. In a current race going on in Canton, one candidate has accused two others of having filed Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

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