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Vehicle repossession does not have to be inevitable

Like other areas of Mississippi, Southaven and De Soto have experienced their fair share of economic uncertainty. Residents are likely grateful for their jobs and the income they provide, but, at the same time, residents know that unforeseen events can always crop-up. One of the first areas often affected by personal financial setbacks is the personal or family vehicle. After a layoff, for instance, all it takes is a couple of missed payments, and one could be dealing with the threat of repossession.

Understanding the debt-to-credit ratio of consumer debt

Many Mississippi residents already know that their financial outlook would be brighter without certain debts. Burdens like student loans, auto and home loans and credit card debt can come together to paint a picture of overwhelming debt. Still, while many know that they must pay down debt in order to secure a more stable position, the question is often how, to tackle that debt in a way that helps rather than harms one's credit.

Navigating credit card applications under Chapter 13

Getting turned down for a credit card is never easy. Getting turned down after filing for Chapter 13, though, is not particularly surprising. While Chapter 13 bankruptcy, and other forms of bankruptcy, no longer carry the stigma they once did, there are many nuances of these processes that must be navigated carefully and with a calm, educated approach.

Website ranks Mississippi low in terms of financial know-how

Internet rankings may not always be official, but they do often shed light on serious issues within a state. Recently, the personal finance site WalletHub ranked the state of Mississippi near the bottom of all 50 states regarding its level of financial literacy. According to the website, it reviewed consumer habits and financial education programs throughout the United States, and found that Mississippi seems to trail the rest of the country when it comes to personal finance knowledge.

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