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Credit score considerations for bankruptcy and settlement

Once thought to be mysterious and difficult to comprehend, credit scores are now the focus of countless educational initiatives. Knowledge is power, and those who know more about how to increase their credit score are apt to have not only more borrowing power but more peace of mind later on.

Overwhelming debt: Mississippians can eliminate or reorganize

When faced with a problem, the solution is usually either to wipe out the cause of the problem or plan a new way of tackling the challenge. When it comes to personal bankruptcy, the options are very similar. A Mississippi resident faced with overwhelming debt has several means of getting back on his or her financial feet. Usually, the two main options are Chapter 7 bankruptcy or Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

Communicating with collectors in light of credit card debt

One of the most harrowing experiences of any adult Mississippian's life is dealing with debt that has gone into collections. When someone who owes a debt, whether the dollar amount is small or staggering, the debt can go into collections if no payment is made for a certain amount of time and attempts to reach the debtor are unsuccessful.

Chapter 7: Keep some property, liquidate other assets

It was recently revealed that over 190,000 jobs were likely added to the U.S. economy this past March. While that is probably very welcome news for some Mississippi residents, the job market still has a long way to go. Many residents are still struggling with unemployment or underemployment; in either case, that challenge can lead to one's struggling with debt as well.

Does filing for Chapter 13 affect joint credit card account?

Financial challenges are understandably difficult to navigate on one's own. However, many residents of Mississippi must grapple with not only their own financial difficulties, but also those of their family members. Many couples, for instance, have joint bank accounts, jointly-owned property, and may be listed on a partner's mortgage, car title or credit card.

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