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American debt rapidly increasing

The United States has found itself recovering from the Great Recession for the last several years. With this in mind, Mississippians may guess that Americans are being more conservative with their money: trying to save more and spend less. Recent data that has been released on the topic, however, reveals quite the opposite is true. Debt, including credit card debt, is on the rise at an incredible rate.

Underbanking in Mississippi

Many different economic and financial factors impact a Mississippian's financial state. Sometimes no matter how much responsibility an individual takes on to rectify the situation, pulling oneself out of a bad financial situation seems nearly impossible. This is when personal bankruptcy can come into play.

Many Americans living paycheck-to-paycheck

Finances are a complicated matter. It can be difficult for a Mississippi resident to juggle income, expenses and savings -- especially when income is low or unstable and costs are constantly on the rise. The situation is only further complicated when solutions, like personal bankruptcy, are unfamiliar.

Former Baywatch actress files for Chapter 13 bankruptcy

In Southaven, financial challenges sometimes lead people to try to formulate strategies to get out of debt. In certain instances, bankruptcy is an option that is considered. Filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy is an idea that is appealing to many who earn a living but don't know any other way out of their financial issues but would still like to keep their home and vehicle.

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