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Mississippi creditor cause of company's bankruptcy petition

Bankruptcy proceedings can begin a number of different ways. A Mississippi resident may have individual financial woes and decide that it is appropriate to file for personal bankruptcy. Outsiders can also start the bankruptcy process, including Chapter 7, for another person or business.

The high costs of a quick loan when facing financial challenges

When a Mississippi resident is in a financial jam, there may be only a few solutions to a high-cost lender. However, in certain situations, an installment lender may be the only one willing to risk making a loan. These loans often come at a cost, though -- higher than the borrower may realize. And as these high costs pile up, personal bankruptcy may be the only solution to reach real financial recovery.

Mississippi attorney general files credit card lawsuit

Credit cards are a complex source of financial flexibility. While they can help in certain situations, equipping Mississippi residents with potential purchasing power, they can also lead to financial challenges. Credit cards can inevitably lead to substantial credit card debt.

Former child pop star files for Chapter 7 bankruptcy

Finances can be a difficult personal affair for someone to attempt to gain control over. Many Mississippi residents are often overwhelmed by bills, loans and other debts. Some people will end up looking to get a fresh financial start by filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. One can only wonder how a child or young adult could get a handle on such matters, particularly when others may be taking advantage of their financial situations.

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