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Issues with Medicaid may be increasing the number of bankruptcies

There have been many recent developments in healthcare that residents of Mississippi should be aware of, particularly because these changes might have impacts on their financial situations. The Affordable Care Act has received most of the attention, but Mississippi's treatment of Medicaid should also be a focus for residents of the state. It is possible that it might be linked to an increase in personal bankruptcy.

Mississippi no longer leading in charged-off credit card debt

Mississippians who are considering getting a credit card as well as those who already have a credit card should realize that there are several different effects that credit cards can have on their financial situation. In particular, making too many charges and failing to pay off credit card balances can lead to significant credit card debt.

Personal bankruptcy linked to medical debt in Mississippi

Financial stresses can come from a host of different sources. In Mississippi, a recent study reveals that financial challenges are particularly linked to medical expenses. This study further shows that of those filing for personal bankruptcy in Mississippi, over half are doing so because of their medical debt.

Mississippi students gear up for college with credit cards

It is the start of fall, which marks the beginning of another academic school year. For some Mississippians it is back to school, while for others it is the start of an entirely new school adventure: college. Planning for college comes with many considerations, ranging from college decisions to school supplies to possible financial challenges.

Mississippians face financial problems and personal bankruptcy

Following the economic crisis in 2010, the United States government established a government agency to provide some government oversight and intervention in the economy. The agency is the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau ("CFPB"). It travels around the country and meets with different local communities in order to understand their financial challenges, including personal bankruptcy.

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