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Mississippi has lowest household income in the country

A Mississippian's income is significantly related to proceeding with and qualifying for bankruptcy. Individuals may find that in light of their financial challenges, which may be linked to their income, it would be wise to seek debt relief by filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Once they decide to file for bankruptcy, a bankruptcy court then closely examines these individuals' income to ultimately determine whether bankruptcy is a viable option.

Mississippians may lose jobs because of business bankruptcy

When a company or individual in Mississippi files for bankruptcy, the bankruptcy can require different measures and have different results, depending on the type of bankruptcy filed. Individuals may assume that only personal bankruptcy will affect them. However, depending on a how a company decides to proceed, bankruptcy may also directly impact certain individuals.

Bankruptcy proceeding comes to an end for football coach

Bankruptcy can be a long process for Mississippians who are struggling to gain control over their finances, but in the end it can offer significant resolution and relief. The personal bankruptcy of a football coach from another southern state demonstrates the benefits.

Are Chapter 13 bankruptcy rules stiffening?

The last few years have been tough ones for Mississippi residents. The economy has been sluggish and jobs have been hard to find. Some people have had to rely on credit cards to pay their bills and to be able to make ends meet. The rising cost of gas, food and other commodities has not helped. This has left many hardworking people burdened with more debt than they can pay back. These people are constantly dealing with harassment from creditors.

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