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Southaven mayor restricts mayoral credit card debt

Like many, Mississippians likely believe that their finances are a personal matter, and, if they experience financial challenges, like credit card debt, these challenges will also be private. That is not always the case, however. Sometimes financial difficulties can permeate your more public life, even your career.

Credit can have serious impacts on student loans

When students in Mississippi prepare for college and graduate programs, they are likely concerned about their academic and professional resumes. Higher education is becoming increasingly competitive and it is important to demonstrate relevant achievements.

Credit cards to help lower debts

One major source of problems for many Americans, including Mississippians, is debt. Society attempts to prepare young adults for the realities presented by financial challenges, like the stresses it can cause on personal and professional aspects of an individual's life. Typically, relying on credit cards is never recommended in attempting to manage finances. However, one bank is proposing an unusual way to combat credit card debt and other expenses.

Financial situation leads to criminal charges for one celebrity

Managing your financial situation can be a real struggle for many Americans, including those living in Mississippi. It can be difficult to make and stick to a budget in order to account for living expenses and savings. Some legal tools can fortunately help individuals struggling with debt to get a handle on their finances and get a fresh financial start. Tools such as filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy can only be effective, however, if properly used.

Young adults avoiding credit cards

Teenagers and young adults living in Mississippi are often accused of being irresponsible, whether it comes to decisions they make in social settings or those regarding their financial matters. However, a recent report challenges this stereotype as it relates to young adults and their credit card debt.

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