Local Mississippi councilman agrees to garnishment

For Mississippi residents facing overwhelming debt it may seem like bills and other debts keep piling up and that there is no way to escape them. The easiest thing to do may be to simply forget about them and try to continue on with your life. But hiding from creditors will ultimately catch up with you and is not a viable long-term solution. Creditors can still take action against you and collect on your debts -- even without your consent.

Legal tools like garnishment and repossession give creditors this power. The financial situation of one local Mississippi councilman provides a recent example of the use of these tools. The councilman racked up several debts through his furniture business over the years. Court records show that he had difficulties making rent payments for his company. In fact, the owners of at least two different commercial leases filed actions against him to evict his company and collect the rent.

The councilman recently reached a resolution in the most recent eviction case. The two parties agreed to a consent judgment involving garnishment. Title 11, Chapter 35 of the Mississippi Code governs garnishment. Garnishment is a legal process used by creditors to sieze wages, bank accounts and other funds to satisfy unpaid debts.

Typically, it is the last step that a creditor takes to collect payments. If efforts to negotiate with creditors have been unsuccessful, the law provides relief to debtors through bankruptcy court. After a debtor files a personal or business bankruptcy, a court-ordered stay goes into effect which stops all collection action. The debtor, working with an experienced bankruptcy attorney, can then have the debts discharged or reorganized under the applicable chapter of the federal bankruptcy code. Once the process is over a former debtor can start their financial life anew and free of debt.

Source: cdisptach.com, "Turner agrees to garnishment to avoid eviction," Nathan Gregory, July 9, 2013

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