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Student loan interest rates on the rise

America often prides itself on encouraging and awarding those who pursue post-high school education. However, now this very source of pride is becoming a serious financial problem for those who are supposed to reap the direct benefits from education: students. The financial hardships stem from student loans, and are especially a problem for students living in Mississippi.

Local Mississippi councilman agrees to garnishment

For Mississippi residents facing overwhelming debt it may seem like bills and other debts keep piling up and that there is no way to escape them. The easiest thing to do may be to simply forget about them and try to continue on with your life. But hiding from creditors will ultimately catch up with you and is not a viable long-term solution. Creditors can still take action against you and collect on your debts -- even without your consent.

New data shows uptick in credit card debt

Millions of Americans, including many in northwestern Mississippi, use their credit cards on a daily basis. Some of these people charge non-essential items like new televisions, clothes and furniture to their cards. Others, however, fall back on their credit cards as a means of covering for monthly expenses like groceries and household bills. This has been especially true during the past few years where people have faced financial challenges due to the difficult economic environment.

"Gossip Girl" actress files for chapter 7 bankruptcy

Supporting a family is significant a responsibility. This is particularly true when children become a part of the picture. At times it may seem like the cost of raising a child today in Mississippi presents serious financial challenges, but the costs of raising a child can be even more magnified in times of divorce.

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