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Fearing personal bankruptcy, students demand loan solution

Student loans provided by the federal government are a financial tool that many Mississippi students, as well as those throughout the country, use to pay for college and other graduate programs. Although they play an integral role in positively shaping young adults' lives, the loans can also pose a significant burden, and, ultimately, be one of the causes of personal bankruptcy.

Medicaid problems related to garnishment and bankruptcy

Mississippians are probably familiar with the term "Obamacare," which is a coined phrase referring to the recent healthcare bill signed into law by President Barack Obama. What may not be as obvious is how the current healthcare system relates to issues of garnishment and bankruptcy in Mississippi.

Mississippians have poor financial literacy

A recent study by the FINRA Investor Education Foundation reveals that many Americans, including those in Mississippi, are not financially capable. In fact, millions are having trouble meeting their basic needs. In light of these findings, FINRA vows to take steps to help individuals become more financially literate. There are also steps that individuals can personally take, like attempting to eradicate their credit card debt.

Manufacturing worker loses financial footing, declares bankruptcy

Sometimes people feel like their financial situation is spiraling out of control and that there will be no end to struggling with debt. This appears to be the case for one manufacturing worker who was the focus of a recent article. His financial fate has remained in limbo for the last three years even though he successfully filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. His situation may be far worse, however, had he not filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy or had he sought alternative debt relief.

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