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Payday lenders target military personnel

No one is safe from schemes of payday lenders. Even military personnel fall prey to them. One military family, with savings in Mississippi, decided to share their story to illustrate why payday loans may appear to be a viable option during times of financial troubles. However, there are better solutions. Another solution that can actually offer long-term security is personal bankruptcy.

Mississippi working to tackle payday loans and debt cycle

Local organizations in Mississippi have come together to respond to the devastating effects of payday loans. Although these loans are relatively easy to secure and seem like a quick fix for financial challenges, they can plunge Mississippians into a debt cycle that results in repossession and other consequences.

More than your finances can be at stake in bankruptcy

Sometimes financial challenges are not the only problems that people in Mississippi experience before deciding whether or not to file for bankruptcy. They may also be exposed to criminal liability. In such circumstances, it may be difficult to determiner whether to proceed with a personal bankruptcy proceeding.

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