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Survey reveals many Americans still face financial challenges

The rising cost of living and a slow job growth rate, combined with the loss of the payroll tax breaks have made it difficult for many Mississippi families to make ends meet. When this happens, some debtors may find that filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy is the best way for them to eliminate their debts, providing them with a fresh financial start.

Bankruptcy judges not averse to apologies

Filing for bankruptcy offers Mississippians a fresh start to tackle their financial challenges. Personal bankruptcy is not always an easy decision, however. Once a person decides to file for bankruptcy, however, the road to financial recovery may be easier if the person is willing to show remorse before the bankruptcy court.

Jackson mayoral candidate has past marked by financial troubles

Like many Mississippians, one of the nine mayoral candidates in Jackson, Mississippi has experienced financial hardship. But this has not stopped Regina Quinn from moving forward in a positive direction. She identified her problems and approached them head-on, using personal bankruptcy as a way to overcome her financial troubles.

Mississippi residents have the lowest credit card balance

Credit Karma has released new statistics about American consumers' credit card balances. While managing credit card debt can be difficult, the recent study revealed hopeful information about Mississippi residents. They have some of the lowest credit card balances in the country.

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