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Olympic gold medalist tackles debt with bankruptcy filing

Rulon Gardner, an Olympic gold medalist in wrestling, responded to his creditors' actions this summer by filing for bankruptcy. Although the Olympian's personal bankruptcy may be a small setback in his private life, it is a story from which people in Mississippi struggling with financial challenges can learn.

College football coach files for Chapter 7 bankruptcy

The down economy is affecting all members of the community -- from college football coaches to people in Mississippi. In fact, a university football coach in a neighboring state recently filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy to seek debt relief for some real estate investments. Chapter 7 bankruptcy is a legal tool that many people can use to tackle their financial challenges. However, not everyone can take advantage of this form of bankruptcy. Thus, it is important for individuals struggling with debt to work with an expert to determine whether they can file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy or whether other financial remedies are available.

Mississippi and other states challenge debt collectors

The struggling economy has plunged many Mississippians and other Americans into significant debt. The increase in the number of people facing debt has spurred state and federal leaders to challenge debt collectors. In addition to receiving debt relief from new governmental initiatives and regulations, Mississippians can also combat their financial challenges with personal bankruptcy. Together, these community and individual efforts can offer Mississippians significant relief.

Mississippi college students should be wary about credit card debt

As Mississippi parents and students prepare for the new college school year, they should consider some important tips and lessons about credit cards. A recent finance article about personal credit reveals that financial challenges and credit card debt often begin during college.

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