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Some student loan debt may be dischargeable in bankruptcy one day

There are many reasons why people might consider personal bankruptcy: debt incurred from medical expenses, credit card debt or unfavorable mortgage conditions. One kind of debt that is generally not permissible to be discharged during bankruptcy is student loan debt. However, a new report from the federal education department and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau says that Congress should explore changing that rule when it comes to private student loans.

Credit card debt: How to cap the geyser?

The situation is familiar to many Mississippi residents: jobs are nowhere to be found; income, if there is any, isn't making ends meet; but a credit card is in reach. People need to provide for themselves and their families, and using a credit card is sometimes the quickest way of doing that. But if you've piled on more credit card debt in the last few months, you're not alone.

How can Mississippi residents tell when it's time to consider bankruptcy?

It's a rough economy and your personal net worth has taken a real nosedive. Perhaps you've lost your job, or maybe your mortgage is more than your house is worth. You know you're not alone, because a great many people are facing similar challenges. But where do you go for help?

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