Establishing Paternity

It is almost always a good thing when the unwed father of a child voluntarily moves to establish paternity of the child. The blessings touch every party:

The Father

Many new dads think that because their name is on the birth certificate, they are the legal father. They are not.

Without paternity, the father has no visitation rights. His ability to get to know the child is entirely up to the mother's judgment. With paternity, he will have limited rights, with access being the most important. Many fathers tell us that establishing paternity was the best thing that ever happened to them.

The Mother

Without a legal father, the mother is on her own. With a legal father, the mother can ask for child support. The father can be involved in parenting. Having that other person can save her from exhaustion.

The Child

The child benefits most of all. He or she gets access to important medical and genetic information, inheritance rights, insurance coverage and, most of all, a second loving parent.

Heidi Milam is pleased to assist fathers in establishing paternity. Most times, the father is happy to submit to the process voluntarily. Sometimes the dad's parentage is in doubt, and a simple DNA test may be necessary. There are also cases in which the designated father is not the father at all. DNA testing can establish that as well.

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