Modifying Child Support To Fit Your Needs

At the law firm of Heidi S. Milam, Attorney at Law, PLLC, we can assist with all post-divorce matters. If you need to make changes to child support or child custody and visitation arrangements or you need to enforce the terms of a divorce agreement, we can help.

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The arrangements made during a divorce or as part of a paternity action are not set in stone. The law recognizes that circumstances may change, and arrangements will need to be changed as well.

Our Southaven family law attorney can assist if your child's other parent has had a substantial pay increase or your child's needs have changed and support payments should increase. While decreases in child support are challenging in Mississippi, even after a job loss, we can review the situation to determine your options.

Child custody and visitation arrangements may need to be revised due to changes in parents' schedules, changes in your child's schedule or simply because your child is older and has different needs. We can help modify arrangements to fit the current circumstances.


Has your child's other parent fallen behind on child support? Perhaps he or she has not been following the child custody and visitation arrangements. Perhaps your former spouse has not taken all of the necessary steps required as part of property division agreements. Whatever the case may be, filing contempt of court is a means to enforce the agreement. We can assist with this complex process.

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