Discharging Credit Card Debt

Everyone who has run up credit card debt is embarrassed that it happened. But they also know it wasn't because they went binge shopping. People who lose their jobs might have to use their cards to get by. And once they are late with a payment, the game gets rough, as interest rates are raised.

It feels like a trap, and it is. Suddenly, the only way out seems to be through personal bankruptcy.

Heidi Milam develops customized debt relief solutions for people with unmanageable levels of debt. We help clients eliminate or reduce credit card debts, enabling them to start their financial lives anew.

Our lawyer can review your situation and discuss your options. For many people, this means Chapter 7 bankruptcy, which can completely eliminate credit card debts.

Other people may qualify for Chapter 13 bankruptcy. This solution enables you to discharge your remaining credit card debts at the end of a three- to five-year period, provided that you have kept current on your secured debt payments.

With either solution, the extra cash flow can enable you to handle your nondischargeable debts, car payments and housing payments.

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We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.